Information for Practitioners

Practitioners Handbook.   The attached Handbook is designed to help and inform UK based civilian support services who are working with Armed Forces families affected by domestic abuse.  The information within this Handbook is Armed Forces specific but it is essential that practitioners consider both military and civilian support options in order to ensure that families are able to access the most appropriate support for their individual needs.  This Handbook should be read in conjunction with generic domestic abuse information.  Practitioners Handbook.

The main areas covered in the Handbook are detailed below:...

  • Introduction
  • Background Information: The Armed Forces
  • Welfare Support within the Armed Forces Community
  • Tools and Supporting Information for Civilian Support Services
  • Resources and Contact Information

E-Learning Courses.   The following e-learning courses are available here:

  • Domestic Homicide Reviews (DHR’s) Online Training Package.
  • Safeguarding women and girls from violence: free e-learning course for education staff working with 11-18 year olds.
  • Recognising & Preventing Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) E-learning Tool.
  • Forced Marriage E-Learning Tool (under development)
  • Call: 999 (emergency)
  • Call: 101 (non-emergency)
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