Support Services for the Armed Forces Community

The support network for the armed forces community is outlined in the Information for Victims section. Within this section general information and contact details can be found for the following support elements:

Naval Service Family and People Support (NS FPS)

Naval Service Family and People Support provides a confidential service that is fully accessible by the diverse community they support and inclusive of gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, race and ethnicity, religion and belief, pregnancy & maternity, age disability and marital status. NS FPS work to a single point of contact called the NS FPS Portal, which allows easy access to all welfare services for families, service personnel and unit staff.

Telephone: 02392 728777 or freephone 0800 145 6088.

RAF SSAFA support

In addition to the wider support available through SSAFA, the RAF has commissioned a UK based personal support and social work service. Support is controlled on a regional basis, with all large and medium sized stations having SSAFA fieldworkers. The personal support and social work service can be accessed by all RAF personnel, including reserves, and their families.

Find more information on SSAFA support services on the SSAFA website.

Forcesline phone: 0800 260 6767
General enquiries phone: 020 7463 9200


Forcesline is a free, confidential telephone helpline, live chat and email service run by SSAFA. Experienced staff provide a supportive listening and signposting service for current and former members of the armed forces and their families. Forcesline opening hours can be accessed via the web link.

In the charity support section of this page, please take out the following sentence as the link isn’t working. “In addition, the attached guide has been produced by SSAFA and gives additional information on non-immigration aspects of divorce and relationship breakdown”.

Perpetrators can access these support providers and, if available, will then be signposted onto a local perpetrator support group.

  • Call: 999 (emergency)
  • Call: 101 (non-emergency)
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